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Around the world and on a daily basis Omnex supports companies to achieve operational excellence including a total of 90,000 individuals in more than 30 countries in the last 25 years. As knowledge and learning approaches differ between cultures and countries Omnex offers diverse methods from classroom approaches, hands-on workshops to project-based learning experiences in order to find the perfect fit for each client. All approaches are offered in different languages and dialects.



We keep a constant overview on changes because it is our job and responsibility to stay experts and to help you become knowledgeable with constantly changing management systems, methods, tools, technologies and standards. We work with best practices and teach current requirements ensuring that our clients get up-to-date information for their industry.



Omnex’s instructors combine knowledge with their own experiences as they are all specialised in certain areas and have worked in different industries for around 25 years. Together with their experiences they include latest innovations, techniques, procedures and systems into the training.



Our worldwide training is assessed and certified by official bodies, namely RABQSA, IRCA, SCC, NABAT, NAC and SAC. Thus, having chosen to become a Lead or Internal Auditor you have the guarantee to be receiving a certified and approved training which meets all your, your industry’s and your customers’ specific requirements independently of the country.



Our trainers can give on-site training anywhere in the world adjusting to your schedule, your location, your team and your language. This way we make sure that the training does not interrupt your own organisation’s plans. Not only does this training method adapt to your time constraints, but it also creates no travel expenses for you. The design of on-site training can also follow the purpose of the integration into your products and processes. So, if you are planning to train your employees in the near future, our on-site training offers you the most effective and cost-efficient solution.

The content of on-site training addresses exactly those issues that influence and are related to your company. Since personal contact and attention cannot be established through public seminars, videos or other training options, on-site training allows you to immerse profoundly into the most relevant business issues to elaborate the most effective and sustainable solutions.



According to many companies learning processes are less effective when using the traditional classroom approach. For this reason we use the Omnex Project-based workshops which are conducted by educators/trainers with profound knowledge in product and product engineering and on average have 25 years of experiences in different industries.

Project-based workshops offer the following two advantages:

  • The results of your investment become already determinable when the project is finished
  • The finalisation of each workshop is determined by a successful execution of a freely chosen project by you under the supervision of Omnex trainers

This approach creates high impact already during the workshops while in the mean time we help your employees become independent and knowledgeable in new systems and tools. Maximum results in value, cost saving and profitability are achieved through Omnex’s project-based workshops.

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