The following training courses on the New APQP and Control Plan can be booked with Omnex Europe since April:

Overview: The New APQP (3rd Edition) and Control Plan (1st Edition)

Advanced: Changes to the New APQP (3rd Edition) and Control Plan (1st Edition)

The latest APQP – 3rd Edition & Control Plan- Version 1 manuals have been released by AIAG!

As you may be aware, AIAG has been working on the new APQP and Control Plan manuals for quite some time. The automotive industry OEMs and their supply base have been eagerly awaiting the new manuals, which will soon become mandatory requirements and be added to the US OEM CSR documents. Ford, GM, and Stellantis have already announced that they will accept the usage of these new manuals as soon as they are released, making way for international OEMs and a host of large Tier 1 suppliers to follow suit.

There are significant changes in both the APQP and the new Control Plan manuals, as indications have suggested. They not only address the needs of the latest ICE and hybrid vehicles but also the new electric vehicles. Around 50 new electric vehicle launches are anticipated this year worldwide. These developments emphasize the importance of new product development and process control more than ever before.

The new APQP and Control Plan manuals focus more on Agile Product Development, Change Management, and Risk Mitigation and include the use of new forms for both APQP & Control Plans.

The changes are significant enough that your organization will likely need to retrain and reskill your NPD, Quality, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management personnel, at the very least, to ensure compliance and to implement best practices.

Omnex Webinar - Key Changes in the New APQP 3rd Edition and Control Plan 1st Edition Manuals

The New APQP 3rd Edition and Control Plan 1st Edition are in their early rollout phase. Omnex is scheduled to conduct its first training course in mid-March. Mike Down, formerly of General Motors, led the core tools writing committee and was responsible for the last two editions of the manual. Mike Down, along with his co-team members Mary Rowzee and Gregory Gruska, who have participated in writing many of the core tools, have much to share about the latest release of the APQP and Control Plan.

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